Full Addams

Based on the Addams Family TV show (1964-66) Ben wrote these 10 rules for the Addams Code. Do you agree?

Prefix: you can add this before all of the codes: An Addams may have dark interests but-
  1.  Addams are always positive.
  2. Addams love each other.
  3. Addams don’t hurt people.
  4. Addams are always gracious and welcoming to guests.
  5. Addams don’t lie or deceive.
  6. Addams are not afraid of new things. They are curious and supportive of things that are outside of their scope.
  7. If someone is is friended by the Addams Family it’s only because they don’t know them.
  8. Addams have no use for unnecessary propriety (Puritanism)
  9. Addams are their own form of counterculture and will embrace anyone who is going against the grain. (going back to 1, 3 and 4. they don’t shame the “basics")
  10. (This is the crux of going Full Addams) Addams don’t need outside help, validation, or entertainment. They are happy in their own world. They make their own fun in their own home.


Ben Walker